Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

Cilantro Lime Slaw
1 package Cole Slaw or whole shredded cabbage (I like to get the bag of cole slaw by the bagged salads)
1 c. Cilantro, chopped
1 tsp. minced Garlic
1/4 tsp. Cayenne Pepper or a dash of your favorite hot sauce
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. Lime Juice
1/2 tsp. Cumin

Combine all but slaw in a mini food processor or chop and combine yourself. Mix desired amount of dressing with slaw mix no more than 30 minutes before serving.

Roasted Sweet Pork
6 (approx) pounds Pork butt/shoulder
1 19 oz. can Red Enchilada Sauce
1 can Dr. Pepper (20 oz)
2 tsp. Chili Powder
1 tsp. Cumin
1 tsp. salt
1 Clove Garlic or 1 tsp. Garlic Powder
1 1/2 c. Brown Sugar
1/2 onion, chopped
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

Combine all ingredients into your crockpot and cook on low overnight or until meat is tender.

Place the meat on top of a tortilla (option: used grilled corn tortillas.......but I'm sure flour would be good too) and then the slaw on top of that. Fold in half and take your first mouth-watering bite. You can also use the meat in burritos or tostadas as well. Or heck, you know this stuff would be good on a sandwich, or even just by itself.......with a fork. Just sayin'. ;o)



I haven't made this, but was told it was pretty easy. (it was her first time making bread EVER!)
From: Allison Miller


1 c. warm water
1 Tbsp. active dry yeast (instant)
2 Tbsp. sugar
2 Tbsp. oil
1 tsp. salt
3 c. flour

Baking Instructions

Sprinkle the yeast over warm water.
(Want to know a trick? You know the temperature of the water is right when it doesn't feel hot and it doesn't feel cold to the touch. It's right in the middle and almost doesn't have a temperature. Sounds pretty basic, but it makes a lot of sense if you're struggling to get the temp right!)

Add in sugar, oil, salt, and 1 cup of the flour. Mix it well with a whisk.
(It works a lot easier to do this at first instead of putting it under the mixer.)

Stir in one more cup of flour, then put the mixture under your KitchenAid or mixer.
(I've never tried making it without a mixer and just mixing by hand. But if you do try it that way, I would change from the whisk to a spoon so the dough doesn't get stuck.)

Mix with the KitchenAid a little more, then slowly add the last cup of flour till the dough is pliable but not too dry.
(I ended up using 3/4 of the last cup and not the full cup. The first time I made it I used the whole cup and parts of the dough were dry.)

Take the dough out and knead it for 5-10 minutes.
(I like to use my rolling pin for this to get all the air bubbles out, as well as kneading with my hands.)

Shape the dough into a loaf and put into a large and greased bread pan.
(I like to use butter to grease it - it really adds to the flavor and it comes right out of the pan.)
Let the dough rise in the pan till double in size - about 45 minutes.

Brush the top of the loaf with melted butter for extra shine and flavor if you'd like.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sid's Cookies

3/4 C Shortening
3/4 C Butter
3/4 C Sugar
1 1/2 C Brown Sugar
3 Eggs
2 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp Soda
1 tsp Salt
4 C Flour
1 small box of instant pudding vanilla or butterscotch

This can be a cookie cutter dough or just make slightly flattened balls. Bake 350 degrees for 8-10 mins depending on the oven. They may look like they are done but need more time. These are a very soft cookie.